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Our story is 100% rooted in passion for jewelry, light, and celebrating love. Our team is small but mighty. We are female owned and operated, and have decades of combined experience in hand crafting, designing, and celebrating jewelry from around the globe. Currently, our team is out west in California, on the East Coast in NYC, and we have  a 3rd "hub" where our master jeweler resides in the amazing city of Toronto. We are thrilled to manufacture and design in the USA, Canada, and Turkey, bringing a global flair directly to our clients.
Having worked with some of the world’s leading luxury jewelry brands, our  founder made connections with some of the leading goldsmiths, diamond setters and gemologists in the industry. With a goal of "doing better" and sharing the lab diamond the value proposition, Lumeniri brand was born in 2022. 
Creating bridal, high and fine fashion jewelry made with lab diamonds means we can “do-good” for the planet and pass on a considerable savings to our clients in the process. Make way for our spin on "Diamond Wellness." Our jewelry is for a modern generation that proudly cares about our environment, our natural resources, and human rights. It isn’t afraid to redefine what luxury means to them. 



Contrary to common belief, diamonds themselves actually do not shine, but rather reflect light thus giving them their jaw dropping and “sparkling” characteristics. The optical trait of “breaking light rays” gave us the inspiration for our name and logo design. At Lumeniri, we hope that the light (and love) inside of you shines brightly and with confidence each time you wear a piece from our collection. May your light and the light reflecting in our diamonds serve as an emblem of life’s journey - free of ego, free to discover one’s purpose. It’s especially meaningful for us as we reinvent (and illuminate) the entire diamond industry with intention. Our purpose is to share the tradition of fine jewelry artisanship by using ultra-covetable, man-made diamonds that don’t deplete our earth or jeopardize human rights.
If you are up for a chat, a collab, or just want to say hi, drop us a line anytime at hi@lumeniri.com. We would love to hear from you!