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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to make your Lumeniri Diamonds experience easy to navigate.  Of course, if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us here (hi@lumeniri.com) and a personal jeweler will get back to you.


What makes Lumeniri Diamonds different?

We believe in our own strong values, taking the health of our planet seriously while creating mesmerizing jewels! This is why our jewelry is made entirely from premium quality lab grown diamonds. All of our materials are high quality, ethically sourced and as well as offering a treasure trove of stunning jewelry pieces on our website, we can also design something completely bespoke, that stands out from the crowd.  We offer a guarantee on all of our jewelry -- it’s simple, if you are not happy then we’re not happy.


Where is Lumeniri Diamonds?

Our business is based in Toronto, New York, and Newport Beach.


I want something bespoke, how do I begin?

The first thing to do is make contact with us and set up a virtual consultation. Then, we will get started on creating something that is not only visually incredible, is ethical and always of the very best possible quality.  You will work closely with one of our jewelry designers who will listen to your ideas, perhaps including some other thoughts that you may not have considered.  Your budget will be taken into consideration and a 3D computer generated image will be presented to you for your perusal.  Once you are happy, you will get a quotation and we will request a deposit.  Then, we will start to make your piece.


Can you send my order express delivery?

From initial deposit on order, expect to receive your jewelry within 2 to 3 weeks as it is always made to order.  If you need it sooner, please get in touch to discuss.

The delivery service depends on your location and your choice of jewelry.  It is best to talk to us about bespoke design delivery and international shipping because of the differences in location charges.  If you choose express delivery and for some reason, your piece is delayed, we will always refund the express fee.


Can I see your jewelry before I buy it?

If you don’t live near one of our Lumeniri Diamond "hubs" it is difficult to show you pieces before purchasing however, we have photographs and videos of everything that we make and we can get excellent photography of the stone you choose.  Everything from Lumeniri Diamonds is made to order -- we don’t mass-produce.  This means you are receiving something that is in limited quantities, so it is very much exclusive. This also allows us to ensure that each piece a client orders truly is bespoke and made to the highest standards. If you live in the Toronto, the NYC greater area, or Newport Beach area and wish to make an appointment, we have samples you may see in person.


Can I have a jewelry piece engraved?

Yes, please talk to us about inscriptions and engraving and we will organize it for you.  All engraving is done by laser; however, there is an additional fee for this service. All engraved or customized pieces are final sale.


What metals do you use?

At Lumeniri Diamonds, we believe in the best quality possible.  We work using 14 carat yellow, white and rose gold.  We also work with 18 carat yellow, white and rose gold, as well as 950 platinum. 


How is your jewelry made?

Each piece is fabricated based on the given order and designed to the exact specification using advanced CAD rendering equipment which takes into account metal weight, finger size, exact quantity and carat weight of stones, as well as the stone placement. Once the rendering is complete we print a resin of the actual piece. After the resin is printed we then go on to prepare it for casting. Upon casting from resin to the desired metal, we then take the metal piece and spend many man-hours filing and sanding excess metal and blemishes away. We always ensure the metal piece is perfectly shaped without any imperfections. At this stage the piece is given to our master setter who will carefully place the desired stones in their respective place. Setting takes time as accuracy and skill is of the utmost importance. We always want to ensure the stones are set tightly and the angles all line up. If the item is cast in multiple pieces, this is when we laser assemble all components together. Once assembly and setting is complete, the piece is passed over to our master polisher. The polisher will take time to ensure every surface inside and out is meticulously polished and finished. Polishing consists of three different stages. At the final phase, the piece is given to a highly experienced quality control expert on jewelry fabrication and finish. Each piece is carefully examined under loupe and microscope to ensure it is made to the Lumeniri exacting standards of excellence.


Do you oversee the growth process?

We source rough from growers who are focused on ethics and leave the smallest possible carbon footprint. We work with growers that only adhere to the highest standards within the industry. After sourcing the rough, we manufacture the stones in our own facilities. All cutting and polishing is done in-house with our own master cutters and polishers, this way we can ensure the maximum brilliance and sparkle to our stones. It can take a matter of weeks to grow a diamond and our process means that we are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Our diamonds are visually and physically stunning, they sparkle and shine, giving you something that you will instantly fall in love with! If you have a preference for US grown diamonds, please contact us and we will be able to accomodate your needs.


How do I know I definitely received the diamond I purchased?

All of our engagement ring diamonds come with GIA, IGI, or GCAL certification. If you want to, you can verify its quality by taking it to a jeweler in your area.


What payment do you take?

At the checkout page, we accept the following:

·      Visa Debit

·      Visa Credit

·      MasterCard

·      Maestro

·      American Express

·      Bank Transfers


How do I know my ring size?

Once you have selected your favorite ring and the diamond of your choice, we will send you a ring sizer via mail to confirm the ring size on your order.  We want to make sure we get a perfect fit. Please note that for eternity bands, we require you to visit a jeweler and have your finger properly sized as eternity bands cannot be adjusted for size once they are made.