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 W E  A R E  A W A K E
We’re proud to be next-gen luxury. We are part of a bigger movement of awakened individuals who openly care about other humans and our earth. We lead with our values, and we don’t shy away from making change. Lumeniri exists to offer real, sustainably-created high-design diamond jewelry to a hopeful generation that believes that through science and human ingenuity we can (and will) do better.









LUMENIRI IS BORN                                        

Our story is 100% rooted in a passion for jewelry with a value proposition. Our team has decades of design, sales, fine jewelry, and personal shopping experience with a combined careful and cautious eye for detail and quality. Creating high jewelry made with lab diamonds means you actually *can* have it all. Our jewelry is for a modern generation that proudly cares about our environment, our natural resources, and human rights. It isn’t afraid to redefine what luxury means to them.” 





U N M A T C H E D    Q U A L I T Y

Real gem-grade diamond jewelry you can feel good about. Every lab diamond goes through the same grading inspection as a diamond from a mine, and comes with certification. From our bridal and wedding jewelry to our fashion collection, our master gemologists, diamond setters and designers custom-create your dream diamond jewelry.

W H A T ' S   I N  A   N A M E
Lumeniri is our take on that special light that shines from a diamond. It's that brilliance and glow that makes what's already inside of you, our beloved clients, shine much more brightly.  Like the sun and the moon, we hope that your light continues to shine from day to night.  The Lumeniri glow - where we discover who we really are - and back out again. It