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Lab Grown Diamonds Are As Real As Mined Diamonds

Lab diamonds are in every way scientifically as real as their mined siblings. 

The physical, chemical and optical properties are identical in every way including their crystal structure. The only difference between lab and mined is where the diamond material grew - one grew under the earth's surface and the other grew in a controlled chamber, but the result is the same.
The governing bodies and authorities in the jewelry industry  have concluded that lab diamonds are in fact 100% real diamonds. This includes the Federal Trade Commission or FTC which has stated that a lab diamond is in fact a diamond, requiring jewelers to be transparent about the growth origin. It's important to note that most people (including gemologists!) can’t tell the difference between a lab diamond compared to a mined without the use of proper lab technology. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America), considered to be the foremost authority in gem and diamond grading, made the same statement and is now creating traditional grading reports for lab grown diamonds as they do for mined diamonds. Other international laboratories for gem grading are IGI (International Gemological Institute) and AGS (American Gem Society). 




At Lumeniri, the expertly trained gemologists personally curates every diamond for every piece that leaves our doors to ensure each meets the highest standards, which means, we reject almost 75% of the diamonds available to us. It is imperative that our clients feel confident in their purchase and feel educated and empowered to jointly find the perfect diamond.